LoadTech is a better way to manage freight

LoadTech — by Chameleon Software, LLC — is state-of-the-art logistics software for the freight management industry, utilized in an enterprise-class data center. LoadTech is designed from the ground up to integrate with other systems, both within your company, as well as with customers, shippers, consignees, vendors, and partners.

Freight Management Logistics Technology Suite

Building upon decades of experience in the freight management industry, LoadTech is designed to integrate seamlessly with your company’s freight management systems.  Our software uses an open-architecture that allows LoadTech to be customized to enhance your business processes.  The result — increased efficiency, improved transparency, decreased shipping costs, and more!


Routing processes utilizing sophisticated business-rule algorithms which integrate with partner-systems and other mobile devices platforms.

Carrier Selection

Effectively manage the complex carrier selection process to ensure the right match, lane and price.


Secure customer service portal allows easy visibility to shipments in order to monitor / manage routes in real time.

Logistics Analysis

Lane/fleet analysis, transportation mode evaluation, shipment sourcing/planning, customized reports, alerts.

ELD Compliance

Provides up to date compatibility for federal regulations and compliance laws.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) order processing achieves a streamlined process for transportation management.

A revolutionary new transportation management system for your freight.